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Dr. Shante “Prescribed” exists to safely and effectively integrate Pharmacy and Naprapathic Medicine in Fertility, Prenatal and Post-Partum Care. We're integrated medicine at its finest! whether you are trying to get pregnant, already pregnant or You've delivered your baby. Whatever stage of reproduction you are... we can help! We specialize in nutritional therapy, weight management, safe pain therapy and optimal health outcomes for pre-conception, expectant and non-expectant mothers…


“I have had some struggles with pregnancies and reproducing in my first marriage, however, I share my story to illustrate my passion for more evidence based research with the application of Naprapathic Medicine in fertility, prenatal and post partum care as an adjunct.  My experiences inspired the research for my doctorate thesis “Treatment of Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy: The Application of Naprapathic Medicine in Treating Hyperlordosis & Muscle Spasm”. It was inspired by my 2nd pregnancy where I experienced a great deal of lower back pain and pelvic pain during my clinical residency. I was able to document the events and through the help of my fellow naprapathic interns; they were able to treat and manage my pain without medication during a very demanding time on a woman’s body.”

We recognize that each couple is unique and fertility treatments should be tailored to their specific circumstances. We understand the difficulties associated with an Infertility diagnosis and are committed to offering adjunctive therapies to assist in conception, maintain healthy pregnancies and to take care of mom post-partum. We offer the emotional support and care that our patients deserve.

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